Best Hammer Drills Reviews

Black + Decker DR670 6.0 Amp ½-inch Hammer Drill
Ideal for drilling brick and concrete
Grip design for better balance and control
Includes side handle and depth rod
Dewalt DW511 ½-inch 7.8-Amp VSR Hammer Drill
7.8 Amp motor provides high performance and overload protection
Variable speed allows for precise hole placement on work surface
Dual mode: hammerdrill/drill for wood, steel or masonry applications
Bosch HD18-2 Two-Speed ½-inch Hammer Drill
Powerful 8.5 amp motor for high-torque and high-speed drilling capabilities
Auxiliary handle with built-in depth gauge securely locks into place and provides consistent drilling depth
Integral slip clutch

Best hammer drill

One of the most common tools you will find in a person’s workshop or garage is a drill. It comes in handy frequently, whether you want to install new kitchen cabinets or you want to hang something on the wall. Making holes is one of our favorite activities, which is why I think that everyone should have a drill around the house. It does not matter that you rarely use it or need it more often. I can guarantee that you will need one at some point. However, which one do you think you need? A traditional drill? An impact drill? Or maybe you need a hammer drill. Stick with me and find out.

Types of drills

As you can imagine, there are multiple types of drills. One cannot handle all the jobs that one may undertake. Why is it that important to know? Because people get confused sometimes and they end up with a tool that they do not need and cannot satisfy their needs. Rest assured that once you have all the information at hand, you will know which one suits you best.

Traditional drills are the simplest to understand. It rotates the bit, and the rotor spins the bit in order to make a hole. To be honest, I do not know what more I can say about this because it is that simple.

A hammer drill will do what the traditional drill does, except there is something extra. The tool will perform the spinning action required to make a hole. However, at the same time, the drill adds a hammer-like movement at regular intervals. Why? Because that is the only way the bit will actually make a hole. This type of drill is a must when you need to make holes in concrete or other hard surfaces. Also, the speed is faster, and let’s not forget the sound. A hammer drill makes a lot more noise than a traditional drill.

An impact drill is a lot different than a hammer drill, although people tend to not see the difference. What happens is that the impact drill generates a strong downward force that is meant to help you loosen large nuts or screws. I think you may be more familiar with it than you think. You know those drills people use to loosen the bolts from your car’s tires? That is the one. The point is that an impact drill will help release screws. Of course, if you need something tightened, an impact drill can work the other way around. The principle is the same, only the direction of the rotation changes.

An impact drill may not be meant to make holes in your walls, but it is a type of drill, after all, and I felt that it needed some explaining. It never hurts to know a thing or two about drills.

So which one should you buy?

If you need a drill just for the hole-making purpose, then the impact drill gets out of the equation. So that leaves you with the hammer drill and the traditional drill. Which one is better? That is not actually the right question. The right question is which of them is most useful. In my opinion, the hammer drill is the one you want. Why? Because it can be useful in any given situation. Let’s say you have a traditional drill and you want to make a hole in a concrete wall? You cannot do that because the traditional drill cannot handle the job. However, let’s think the other way around. If you have a hammer drill and you want to make a hole in a piece of plywood, it is an easy job for it. The point is that a hammer drill can be used for easier jobs, while a traditional drill cannot handle anything you put in front of it.

How to choose the best hammer drill

Now that you decided that you want a hammer drill, it is important to know which one to pick. I am warning you. You will find hundreds of models out there, which is why it can get confusing. However, all you need is a criteria-based system that will help you make the right choice. Here is what you need to consider:

  • Corded vs. cordless – this is a tough one because they both have pros and cons. The corded hammer drill is most useful. You have unlimited power, the motor is stronger, and you do not have to worry about charging the batteries. Also, the speed is higher, and the tool is lighter. Cordless hammer drills deliver enough power for average jobs. However, you depend on the battery’s capacity, you need to recharge the batteries, so you need a break from all the drilling. Just to be clear, I like both models, and I think it is amazing that hammer drills can be cordless. I just think that a cordless hammer drill cannot handle as much as a corded hammer drill can.
  • Brand – if you have a few tools in your garage, then you know just as much as I do that brand is an issue. Lots of people have favorite tools brands, and I am sure you are no different. If you are a beginner with all that, it may help to read some hammer drills reviews online. That way you can have a clearer picture which brand delivers high quality at affordable prices.
  • Side handle vs. no side handle – not all hammer drills come with a side handle, but my advice is to look for a model that does. The side handle can usually be rotated 360 degrees, so no matter where you want to make a hole, you can do that with ease. Also, the side handle will provide accuracy and stability when you need to drill into a hard surface. Experienced people do not need it, but it comes in handy no matter the skill level.
  • Motor – the more powerful the motor is, the more durable the drill is. That is a thing that my father taught me. A powerful motor can handle as many jobs as you can get. The RPM (rotations per minute) will be higher as well, and the tool has a longer lifespan. Of course, the price will be higher for a powerful motor hammer drill, but in the long run, you can actually save some money.

What are the best hammer drills?

I can honestly say that there are a lot of hammer drills out there that are high-quality, are not very expensive, and they are durable. The secret is to find the one that catches your eye. Of course, you should always read the specifications so that you can make an informed decision. If you have no idea what you are doing, you can just go for one of the hammer drills below.

Black + Decker DR670 6.0 Amp ½-inch Hammer Drill

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You must have heard or at least seen tools from Black + Decker. The manufacturer provides high-quality tools at decent prices, so you can trust that you will buy something more than adequate. This particular hammer drill has a 6-amp motor, which is not the strongest, but not the weakest either. It is a mid-level hammer drill that should be more than sufficient for what you have to do around the house.

This hammer drill is ideal for drilling in bricks and concrete. It may be a powerful drill, but it is compact, which will allow you to drill in tight spaces. The hammer action provides both power and speed. It is a corded hammer drill, so you need a power outlet where you work. The cable is 6 feet long, but you can always use an extension cord if necessary.

The pistol grip design allows you to use the drill comfortably. The Black + Decker hammer drill also comes with a side handle for more accuracy and control. That makes a huge difference in the drilling experience. The trigger can accommodate two fingers so that you will not get finger fatigue. You may find it funny, but that is actually an issue when you have to drill for hours. The drill also comes with a depth rod for accuracy.

The ½-inch metal keyless chuck will help you change the bits with ease. The trigger allows you to control the drilling speed depending on what you need to work on. The product also has a reverse feature. Overall, this is an excellent product, and I am sure you will find it most useful.

Dewalt DW511 ½-inch 7.8-Amp VSR Hammer Drill

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Just like Black + Decker, Dewalt is yet another manufacturer that provides quality and affordable prices for its customers. If you go for this model, you will be delighted with your choice. You get an excellent tool that will help you no matter what project you want to work on. This time, the Dewalt has a motor of 7.8 amps. It is more powerful than the Black + Decker. That means increased speed, more force, and as you can imagine, more durability.

Since the motor is so powerful, this hammer drill comes with high performance, as well as with overload protection. You can control the speed of the drill with the trigger. The more you push on it, the faster it will go. This is a useful feature since not all jobs can be done as precise as others. The variable speed will help with precision.

One of the things you will like the most about this drill is that it has two modes: traditional drill and hammer drill. When you are working on wood, you can select the conventional drill mode, and the hammer-like force will be deactivated. It can be good for the motor to get a break from the hammering when it is not necessary. Other features include a side handle that rotates 360 degrees for more control and a depth rod for more accuracy.

Bosch HD18-2 Two-Speed ½-inch Hammer Drill

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It is impossible to not have heard about Bosch. The manufacturer produces high-quality appliances, but the power tools are nothing less than exceptional. They always have excellent reviews online, which is why I thought that I could end the list with one of their products. This hammer drill comes with a powerful motor of 8.5 amps. It provides high torque and very high-speed drilling capabilities. It is safe to say that these are used by professionals.

The hammer drill from Bosch has two drilling speed so that you can use the one appropriate for the project you are working on. This model also comes with two modes. You can choose the adequate one for the surface you wish to drill. Wood does not require the hammer mode, so you can just disable it.

This hammer drill also features an auxiliary handle that is equipped with a depth rod for more precision and consistency. The integral slip clutch ensures more security for the user because it can disengage the output shaft if the bit gets into a bind situation. The hammer drill is powerful, but it compact and lightweight. I am sure that you will work comfortably with it.

My recommendation

When you need a particular tool, I always say that you should go big or go home. Some people do not understand that tools are a significant investment in yourself and your home. For that reason, my recommendation is to buy the Bosch HD18-2 Two-Speed ½-inch Hammer Drill. It has a powerful motor, it is durable, and it will help you no matter what job you have to do. It is by far one of the best hammer drills you can buy.


Power tools are not something you buy every day. That is why you should spend a little bit more cash once rather than buying a hammer drill every two or three years. One of the hammer drills above will undoubtedly meet your standards, and all that is left for you to do is choose one. Click here to buy on Amazon

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